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JOSERA mineral feed for pigs

Discover the diversity of JOSERA products for your farm. From prestarter to establish the foundation for successful rearing, to innovative feeding solutions for pre-fattening and finishing, to mineral feeds to meet the needs of breeding sows – JOSERA offers the right solutions to meet the requirements of your farm. The innovative JOSERA feeding concepts offer exactly the right solution for every need – also for your farm, guaranteed. With the guaranteed high quality of our products from our own production, you are sure to notice the difference: In the health of your animals and the success of your farm.

JOSERA on pig breeding
Healthy, high-performance sows are the result of professional and efficient feeding. Our Product Advisor helps you find the right feed.

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JOSERA on pig fattening
Pig fattening begins with the adjustment phase of the piglets. JOSERA offers the right products for the best success in fattening and the corresponding meat quality.

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JOSERA for piglets
For animal vitality, good conditioning and consistent, healthy growth is essential. This means the feed requirements are especially strict.

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