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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   

JOSERA feed for pig breeding

Healthy, high-performance sows and consistent litters of piglets are largely the result of professional and performance-oriented feeding. With our selection of mineral feeds for breeding sows, we offer the solution for various performance objectives during wearing and suckling period.

JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® contains a combination of active ingredients including probiotics, prebiotics, L-carnitine and a special vitamin formulation. The transfer of nutrients in the cells of the organism and the reproductive organs of the breeding sow is effectively promoted. JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® therefore has a major influence on the development of unborn piglets. The litters become more uniform and the birth weights increase.

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JOSERA MycoBond is an innovative speciality feed to bind and deactivate mycotoxins. The use of MycoBond enables:

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced animal losses
  • Better fertility

JOSERA SuperCell is ideal for supporting digestive activity and improving colon health.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Effective supply of crude fibre
  • Calm sows
  • Protects against urinary tract infections

JOSERA TriplexS is the ideal feed acid for optimising feed hygiene thanks to various high quality components.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Protects against diarrhoea
  • Fastest weight gains
  • Effective in the feed and in the pig

JOSERA Megajoule as a milk-fat concentrate is the ideal solution to increase feed consumption and daily weight gains.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Highly digestible
  • Universal in application
  • Palatable components
Tragemineral - Protecin®

For the optimum nutrition of your sows with very large litters, we recommend JOSERA Tragemineral - Protectin®.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Uniform litters
  • Healthy sows and piglets
  • Large litters

JOSERA Sauen-Profi is our low-cost alternative for pregnant and lactating sows with good performance for optimum nutrition.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +DLG Gütezeichen
  • Lower feed costs
  • Optimum development of piglet litters
  • Healthy and fertile sows

JOSERA Sauenglück is our complete solution for the optimum nutrition of pregnant sows as well as for young sows.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +DLG Gütezeichen
  • Sows with long productive lives
  • Effective gilt rearing
  • Healthy piglets
Säugemineral - Protectin®

JOSERA Säugemineral - Protectin® is our high quality mineral feed for lactating sows with very large litters.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +DLG Gütezeichen
  • High weaning weights
  • Reduced nursing piglet losses
  • Many piglets per sow

Thanks to its high quality minerals, JOSERA Libero is the ideal mineral feed for ecological pig production.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +DLG Gütezeichen
  • Favourable growth
  • Excellent fertility
  • Safe, ecological production

JOSERA Desan is the ideal organic solution to reduce pathogen pressure and improve barn hygiene.

  • Reliable effectiveness
  • Universal in application
  • User-friendly