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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   

JOSERA weaning feed for piglets

Conditioning for consistent and healthy growth as well as animal vitality begins even in the early stage of piglet production. The sensitive digestive system of the piglets and the performance objectives mean the requirements for feed are correspondingly high.

Even in the defining rearing phase, JOSERA premium products with the Protectin active ingredient package provide your animals with all important components for healthy and consistent development. Thanks to its natural substances, Protectin develops an effective protection effect to maintain the health of your animals and utilise performance reserves.

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Active 2-100

JOSERA Active 2-100 is an enticing meal feed for a better feed intake in the suckling period.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • very high feed intake
  • high weight gains
  • ideal for piglets with low weaning age
Active 3-50

JOSERA Active 3-50 is a crumbled supplementary feed for piglets with 50 % application quantity. 

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • low feeding costs
  • high daily weight gains
  • fast development
Efficient 3-40

JOSERA Efficient 3-40 is a crumbled supplementary feed for piglets with 40 % application quantity.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • easy digestible raw materials
  • tasty components
  • carefree growth
Safe 3-100

JOSERA Safe 3-100 is a crumbled complete feed for piglets which is usable as a special diarrhoea protection.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • security at acute diarrhoe problems
  • less veterinary costs
  • higher rearing performances through less losses