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Josera products for pigs / Efficient 2-100

JOSERA Efficient 2-100 is a crumbled complete feed for piglets for the first week of life. It is especially suitable for farms with a suckling period of 4 weeks.

JOSERA Efficient 2-100 ensures a smooth habituation to the intake of hard feed. JOSERA Efficient 2-100 supports the positive development of the suckling pigs' gastrointestinal tract through its composition.
Through the crumbled structure,  JOSERA Efficient 2-100 can be used in automatic feeders and can easily be fed through weaning. 

Packaging size: 25 kg


Your benefits at a glance: 

  • gentle adaption to feed intake
  • carefree weaning through a low risk of diarhoea
  • secure transition to second-phase feeding products
  • optimal adjusted to the still insufficient enzyme development of the piglet
  • highly digestible components with best palatability

  • starting in the first week of life with low amounts in the piglet creep area
  • to stimulate the feed intake: daily fresh in increasing amounts
  • the duration of use depends on the feed intake.

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