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Josera products for pigs / Feeding Concept for Piglets

JOSERA feed concept for piglets – For a successful start in piglet rearing

The JOSERA piglet feed concept comprises a range of feeding strategies and therefore delivers a customised, appropriate feeding strategy for every farm.

Active Line: Generates high feed intake and large weight gains

Efficient Line: Maintains good feed intake and good weight gains

Safe Line: Alleviates problems with diarrhoea during the weaning period

Objectives Active Efficient Safe
Feed intake ++++ +++ +
Growth ++++ +++ ++
Improved intestinal health + +++ ++++

Feeding in piglet rearing can be divided into four phases, during which feeds can be customised as needed. Changes in feed lines can be made during any of these phases, depending on specific operational objectives.

Characteristics of the individual phases:

Phase 1Period of milk feeding

  • compensation of nutrient deficiencies in large litters
  • preparation for high solid feed intakes

Phase 2Supplementary feeding for sow’s milk

  • stimulation of feed intake
  • enzyme training
  • possible application in weaning

Phase 3Transition from milk to solid feeds

  • feeding to begin a few days before or after weaning
  • stabilizes and promotes the development of the digestive tract

Phase 4Mineral feedstuffs for piglets

  • optimum supplement of farm mixtures with grains and soy meal
  • from about 12kg live weight

Discover more about each product in the phases 1 to 4:

JOSERA products for piglets
  Active Efficient Safe
Phase 1 PiggiMil
Phase 2 Active 2-100 (middlings) Efficient 2-100 (crumbs) Active 2-100 / Efficient 2-100*
Phase 3 Active 3-50 (crumbs) Efficient 3-40 (crumbs) Safe 3-100 (crumbs)
Phase 4 FerkelProfi Protectin®, FerkelTop Protectin®, Ferkel-Star, Ferkel-Fit

*depending on feed intake

Find more information in the following technical brochure.

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