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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0   

JOSERA Futura Protectin® is a mineral feed for fattening pigs to achieve the highest weight gains and fast muscle growth. JOSERA Futura Protectin® is the ideal mineral feed in fattening for in-house feed mixtures. It contains the Protectin active ingredient package, which protects your animals against diseases and thereby promotes rapid growth.

Next to essential amino acids, which guarantee high daily weight gains and also save on expensive soya grist, an adequate supply of vitamins and active ingredients offers the best results so you can fully utilise the performance potential of your animals.

Using JOSERA Futura Protectin® guarantees the best possible feed utilisation and increases the number of fattening pigs you can sell.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Sell more fattening pigs per year
    • With high daily weight gains due to special enzymes and organically bound trace elements
  • Lower feed costs
    • Save on soya grist thanks to the high amino acid content
    • As a result of good feed utilisation
  • Low losses
    • Thanks to healthier animals with the help of the “immune protection factor”

Sample mixtures for 900 g fattening gains:


28-40 kg

40-70 kg
Final fattening
ab 70 kg
Wheat 40,0% 40,0% 40,0%
Barley 34,5% 37,5% 47,0%
Oil 1,5% 1,5% 0,5%
Soya grist 48 21,0% 18,0% 9,5%
JOSERA Futura - Protectin® 3,0% 3,0% 3,0%

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