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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0   

JOSERA feed for piglets

Conditioning for consistent and healthy growth as well as animal vitality begins even in the early stage of piglet production. The sensitive digestive system of the piglets and the performance objectives mean the requirements for feed are correspondingly high.

Even in the defining rearing phase, JOSERA premium products with the Protectin active ingredient package provide your animals with all important components for healthy and consistent development. Thanks to its natural substances, Protectin develops an effective protection effect to maintain the health of your animals and utilise performance reserves.

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JOSERA Säugemineral Protectin® is our high quality mineral feed for lactating sows with very large litters.
  • High weaning weights
  • Reduced nursing piglet losses
  • Many piglets per sow
JOSERA VormastTop is the quality mineral feed for your fattening pigs.
  • Best possible development
  • Economic success
  • Higher proceeds
For the optimum nutrition of your sows with very large litters, we recommend JOSERA Tragemineral |Protectin®.
  • Uniform litters
  • Healthy sows and piglets
  • Large litters
JOSERA Futura Protectin® is the key to the highest daily weight gains, fast muscle growth and ultimate animal performance.
  • More fattening pigs
  • Low feed costs
  • Few losses
Active 3-50
JOSERA Active 3-50 is a crumbled supplementary feed for piglets with 50 % application quantity.
  • low feeding costs
  • high daily weight gains
  • fast development
JOSERA Josamin Protectin® is the ideal fattening mineral feed for maximum muscle growth and fast weight gains.
  • Fast weight gains
  • Optimum muscle growth
  • Best meat quality
Efficient 2-100
JOSERA Efficient 2-100 is a crumbled complete feed for piglets for the first week of life.
  • gentle adaption to feed intake
  • high palatability
  • carefree weaning
JOSERA Sauen-Profi is our low-cost alternative for pregnant and lactating sows with good performance for optimum nutrition.
  • Lower feed costs
  • Optimum development of piglet litters
  • Healthy and fertile sows
Efficient 3-40
JOSERA Efficient 3-40 is a crumbled supplementary feed for piglets with 40 % application quantity.
  • easy digestible raw materials
  • tasty components
  • carefree growth
JOSERA Sauenglück is our complete solution for the optimum nutrition of pregnant sows as well as for young sows.
  • Sows with long productive lives
  • Effective gilt rearing
  • Healthy piglets
Safe 3-100
JOSERA Safe 3-100 is a crumbled complete feed for piglets which is usable as a special diarrhoea protection.
  • security at acute diarrhoe problems
  • less veterinary costs
  • higher rearing performances through less losses
JOSERA PiggiMil is a high quality milk replacer for the best results thanks to excellent ingredients.
  • Reduced losses
  • Higher weaning weights
  • Piglets with high vitality
JOSERA Vital is the ideal fattening mineral feed for fast muscle growth thanks to its highly available minerals.
  • Good proportion of muscle mass
  • High weight gains
  • Excellent vitamin fortification
JOSERA FerkelProfi Protectin® as a high quality, premium mineral feed is the key to the fastest weight gains in piglet rearing.
  • Heavier piglets
  • Healthy piglets
  • Diarrhoea protection
Thanks to its high quality minerals, JOSERA Libero is the ideal mineral feed for ecological pig production.
  • Favourable growth
  • Excellent fertility
  • Safe, ecological production
FerkelTop Protectin® is the ideal mineral feed for fast weight gains and optimum nutrition in piglet rearing.
  • Fast-growing piglets
  • Rapid muscle growth
  • Healthy piglets
JOSERA Ferkel-Star is the optimum mineral feed to meet the requirements for reliable piglet rearing.
  • Diarrhoea protection
  • Healthy piglets
  • Fast muscle growth
JOSERA Ferkel-Fit is an excellent mineral feed offering balanced nutrition to ensure successful piglet rearing.
  • Healthy weight development
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Fast weight gains
JOSERA Megajoule as a milk-fat concentrate is the ideal solution to increase feed consumption and daily weight gains
  • Highly digestible
  • Universal in application
  • Palatable components
JOSERA Desan is the ideal organic solution to reduce pathogen pressure and improve barn hygiene.
  • Reliable effectiveness
  • Universal in application
  • User-friendly
JOSERA ProteinMix contains highly digestible proteins and amino acids as a perfect supplement for the in-house mix.
  • Ultimate performance mixture
  • Individual application
  • Good economic efficiency
JOSERA SuperCell is ideal for supporting digestive activity and improving colon health.
  • Effective supply of crude fibre
  • Calm sows
  • Protects against urinary tract infections
JOSERA TriplexS is the ideal feed acid for optimising feed hygiene thanks to various high quality components.
  • Protects against diarrhoea
  • Fastest weight gains
  • Effective in the feed and in the pig