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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0   

Increase the size of your litters in pig breeding with JOSERA Tragemineral - Protectin®. With 50% organic zinc, copper and manganese as well as organically bound iron, JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® is the ideal supplement for the pregnancy ration of sows with very large litters.

JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® contains a combination of active ingredients including probiotics, prebiotics, L-carnitine and a special vitamin formulation. The transfer of nutrients in the cells of the organism and the reproductive organs of the breeding sow is effectively promoted.
JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® therefore has a major influence on the development of unborn piglets. The litters become more uniform and the birth weights increase.

For you this means healthy breeding sows, low piglet losses and uniform litters with higher birth weights.

A high proportion of organically bound trace element compounds provides additional support for the sow’s metabolism! We recommend Josera Säugemineral - Protectin® for the suckling period. Because as a team, JOSERA Tragemineral - Protectin® and JOSERA Säugemineral - Protectin® are unbeatable!

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Uniform litters
    • With the vessel protection factor, providing an optimum supply of essential nutrients to the unborn piglets
  • Healthy sows and piglets
    • With a customised vitamin and mineral content as well as Protectin®
  • Large litters with
    • The combined use of JOSERA Tragemineral-Protectin® and JOSERA Säugemineral-Protectin® for successful fertilisation and the attachment of many egg cells
    • Optimum nutrition for the piglets in the uterus

JOSERA Tragemineral - Protectin® is the ideal mineral feed for in-house feed mixtures in operations with very large litters.

Sample rations for pregnant sows:


Wheat 9,5% 10,0% 14,0% 30,0%
Oats 60,0% 70,0% 70,0% 52,0%
Wheat brain 20,0% - - -
Soya grist 48 7,5% 7,0% 8,0% 8,0%
Tragemineral Protectin® 3,0% 3,0% 3,0% 3,0%
SuperCell - - 5,0% 7,0%

For feeding lactating sows, we recommend Säugemineral - Protectin®.

Protectin® is an innovative active ingredient combination made of natural substances.

​With its protective effect, Protectin® helps keep your high-performance animals healthy. It utilises new performance reserves. Due to improved vitamin effectiveness with the "immune protection factor", animals are healthier and less susceptible to disease. Rapid growth is guaranteed thanks to the effective transportation of nutrients with the “vessel protection factor”. Faster muscle growth is achieved with the “enzyme protection factor”. 

Protectin® – for maximum animal health and performance

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JOSERA Säugemineral Protectin® is our high quality mineral feed for lactating sows with very large litters.
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